Saturday, March 22, 2008

Going to Silicon Valley

Recently, I have started thinking of moving to Silicon Valley seriously.

Why do I want to go to Silicon Valley? There are a few reasons.

1. Curiosity. Silicon Valley keeps creating various innovation after innovation. In my opinion, it has not only good engineers, but also has excellent entrepreneurs and financial support systems for start ups. I am very interested in what makes SV so creative for a long period of time.

2. Morale. My personal goal is to be a good cosmopolitan member who is able to live and work wherever I want to. I want to live and work with people from various background (culture, language, ethnicity, nationality, etc). It is slightly difficult for me to live like that in Tokyo. You might say "Does Tokyo not have a lot of foreigners coming from all over the world?". You are right. However, it is so easy for me to work with only Japanese using only Japanese language that I often feel reluctant to mingle with foreigners in Tokyo... Well, I know how lazy I am. I'd like to get out of this "lukewarm water"... I don't want to be "a frog in lukewarm water".

3. Risk hedge. Japanese economy is not in a good state. Japanese economy is still stuck in "capitalist economy" where the manufacturing industry dominates, while other advanced countries like US is moving toward "knowledge economy", which Peter Drugger once mentioned. Life as a IT engineer in Japan is not so enjoyable, to say the least. That's because the Japanese society does not recognize how important IT engineers are and does not know how to treat them with an appropriate respect.In the meantime, Japanese politics is simply pathetic. Politicians does not seem to have any passion to show their vision toward the future of Japan. It is unwise to keep living here without preparation to "escape" Japan when it is needed. Even though I do have some patriotic affection toward Japan as a man who were born in this country, I also have obligation to protect lives of myself and my family members.

I will start preparing moving soon. First, I need to study how to get and keep American visas. Also, I need to brush up my English again.

Your (psychological) support will be greatly appreciated!!

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