Monday, March 24, 2008

Take a look at digg

I usually use "Hatena Bookmark", the most popular social bookmark system in Japan. Looking for equivalents for English speaking people, I have heard that and digg are good. I tried to have a look at digg in the last few days.

When I visited digg last, the hottest entry in the last 24 hours was "You’re a MORON!".. It is an unsophisticated but eye-catching title. The story goes like this. The author of this entry got his xbox 360 stolen a few days ago. Hearing the bad news, his kind coworkers gave him a new xbox as a gift. When the author checked his mail box in the new xbox, he found a message telling him to pay money to get it back from the culprit.

Well, the culprit does seem to be a moron. He didn't know that he would be identified so easily if he conducted such an act.

This is a stupid post. But I found it kind of amusing. The sentences are well-written and entertaining. I wouldn't be able to reach this kind of silly but humorous blog entries unless I visited social bookmark systems like digg.

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