Thursday, July 19, 2007

Do you know UNIQLOCK?

Time has never passed so entertaining...!

Uniqlock is presented by a Japanese apparel company "Uniqlo". Uniqlo offers affordable and fashionable selection of clothes mainly targeted for young people. There are hundreds of outlets in Japan. I don't know how many outside Japan, though.

Uniqlock is so cool. The design, music, girls and their dance are all good. This web promotion is outstanding in terms of several aspects:

1. The movie itself has such high quality.
2. The clock is addictive. It retains people's attention for a long time.
3. The dancers wear Uniqlo's selling clothes. The movie serves as an ad for those clothes.
4. Global promotion. Since the movie has no language barrier, Uniqlo has made Enlgish explanation available for this blog part so that people can put it on their own website across the world.

I was really impressed by the great talent of those who created this creative and promotion. The producer is such a great guy. Good job, Uniqlo!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Marc Andreessen is famous as a cofounder of Natscape in 1990's.
I discovered that he had his own weblog and had many good entries there.

One of my favorites is this post:

How to hire the best people you've ever worked

He is really good at summarizing things. He shows three most important criteria for startups to hire great people.

1. drive
2. curiosity
3. ethics

Hmm... I was most impressed with no1 "drive". He says that it is more important than being simply smart.
People with drive push and push and push and push and push until they succeed.
He's absolutely right. As a owner of a small business, I need more drive to get through the tough reality.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

My first entry..

Hello, everybody. I am a Japanese man living in Tokyo. I am a native Japanese speaker and cannot speak English perfectly. However, I have decided to start writng some weblog entries in English so that more people can reach what I try to mean.

If you are interested in my blog in Japanese, please access to I mainly talk about Ruby on Rails(a cool, increasingly popular web technology) and Japanese economy and society.

I don't know what I write on this blog "From A Country Where The Sun Rises." Probably, I will discuss some serious issues the Japanese society and economy are facing recently. Anyway... thank you for reading this entry and I hope I will see you again in the blog.