Friday, April 25, 2008

This is a good article written by Marc Andreessen.
Birth of Newspapers, part 1: The very first newspaper

All early forms of media had lots of people who suffered from doubt, were skeptical, were dismissive, or just didn't get it -- and in fact there were a lot of dead ends and failures from a lot of innovators before the true form of any medium and its business foundation became clear.

But all of that doubt, skepticism, criticism, and failure were in each case accompanied by enormous social, cultural, political, and business transformations when things did finally become clear.

Currently, I am helping out one of my client businesses that is trying hard to create a totally new medium which has never existed before. The president of the company appears to be very lonely as nobody understands where he is heading for. He has been in pain in the process of producing something brand-new. As Marc says, no media have
never created without going through a long period of trial. His message is quote encouraging.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Language mania

What I love the most in the world is learning languages.

While I do like to learn computer languages, learning natural (that is, normal) languages gives me even a greater joy. I don't think I am a good writer, but manipulating letters and lingual sounds is such fun. I love learning grammar, too.

I wish I could make money just from learning languages. Probably, I should develop some websites or software that help people learn languages with pleasure. That could be the purpose of my life.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

When MacOS conquers the world

This is hillarious news. Good job, Apple!

Apple's OS Edge Is a Threat to Microsoft


English learning web service for Japanese speakers: iKnow.

This is an interesting web service. The appearance looks so cool. If you are an English learner(who can understand Japanese), this web service allows you to learn English through a sophisticated learning software on the web. It focuses on dictation and you are supposed to be able to improve your listening skills as well as your vocabuluary.

I have started using it today. At the first glance, it looked so exciting. However, as I used it for a while, I started feeling a little bit frustrated because it has only ready-made lessons. I'd rather want to learn English through a real material such as newspaper and blogs. This web service offers no support to such "customized learning materials". While iKnow can serve as a preparation for actual communication in English, you also need to try to communicate with real people in English. Otherwise, your English skills will never be of practical use.

Just do it

In my life, I have been thinking too many things. It's more than enough. What I need to do is action. The most important thing is to take up courage and start doing something actually. In stead of criticizing the society, I will think about how to cope with the problems. Just do it. An act is more valuable than one hundred thoughts.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'll refrain from criticizing the society until...

Recently, I have started recognizing how stupid I am.

Why do I want to criticize the Japanese society? The answer is simple: because I am coward. I am so whimpy that I am just afraid of failing in any form.

But we can learn something very important from failtures and that's an essential part of our growing process.

As Google tells its employees, the important thing is "Do quick and fail quick".