Saturday, April 12, 2008


English learning web service for Japanese speakers: iKnow.

This is an interesting web service. The appearance looks so cool. If you are an English learner(who can understand Japanese), this web service allows you to learn English through a sophisticated learning software on the web. It focuses on dictation and you are supposed to be able to improve your listening skills as well as your vocabuluary.

I have started using it today. At the first glance, it looked so exciting. However, as I used it for a while, I started feeling a little bit frustrated because it has only ready-made lessons. I'd rather want to learn English through a real material such as newspaper and blogs. This web service offers no support to such "customized learning materials". While iKnow can serve as a preparation for actual communication in English, you also need to try to communicate with real people in English. Otherwise, your English skills will never be of practical use.

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