Friday, April 25, 2008

This is a good article written by Marc Andreessen.
Birth of Newspapers, part 1: The very first newspaper

All early forms of media had lots of people who suffered from doubt, were skeptical, were dismissive, or just didn't get it -- and in fact there were a lot of dead ends and failures from a lot of innovators before the true form of any medium and its business foundation became clear.

But all of that doubt, skepticism, criticism, and failure were in each case accompanied by enormous social, cultural, political, and business transformations when things did finally become clear.

Currently, I am helping out one of my client businesses that is trying hard to create a totally new medium which has never existed before. The president of the company appears to be very lonely as nobody understands where he is heading for. He has been in pain in the process of producing something brand-new. As Marc says, no media have
never created without going through a long period of trial. His message is quote encouraging.

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