Friday, March 28, 2008

Invest for your gut feeling

Hong Kong Billionaire Puts Another $40 Million Into Facebook

What’s another $40 million to a billionaire? Hong Kong’s Li Ka-shing, chairman of telecom giant Hutchison Whampoa, revealed during a conference call that he has raised his stake in Facebook by another $40 million or more. This is on top of the $60 million he previously invested.

For better or worse, personal investors never come to the center stage in Japan when it comes to investment to venture companies. Investors are always companies, not indivisuals. Japanese decide which to invest in a "commitee meeting", not to personal "gut feeling".

This kind of group-oriented decision making may be effective when you try to catch up with something advanced with well-defined specification. However, Japan has been an advanced country for years and what Japanese need to do now is to innovate something brand new, not to mimick something already invented.

Innovative ideas always come from somebody's brain, not from a group. Japan can be more innovative if rich investors act believing their own gut feeling.

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