Friday, September 8, 2017

What are the best jobs?

Personally I don not agree with the argument that the best jobs pay the most. Money is just one aspect of a job. How much you can learn from the job is a more important aspect.

First of all, many people who have high paying jobs are miserable at work. Let's assume that people have a well-paid job, but they are not interested in it. Although they can make a lot of money at it, they will not be satisfied with it and will feel a great stress at work. As a result, they will have to spend a great amount of money buying things to compensate for their regular dissatisfaction and distress. They will not be able to save money at all even though their income is very high.

Another pitfall of high income work is that you might be trapped in such a job and might not be able to move to another job that would potentially give you more satisfaction. This deprives you of not only the possibility to get a more suitable job but also the chance to grow professionally. People never perform best in jobs they do just to make a living. They need to really like what they do. If they don't make a serious effort at the workplace, they will never develop professional skills either.

In conclusion, the best jobs are the ones that offer workers the greatest growth opportunity both professionally and mentally. Many people are still unhappy even though their jobs pay a lot. High income jobs might also prevent you from getting a more fulfilling job or even a calling. Of course, sometimes people can get lucky and both growth and high income. However, even in such a case, we should consider the high income something extra on top of what is really important: personal growth and professional development.

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