Sunday, August 29, 2010

I passed all 4 parts in USCPA exam! I made it!

I sat for all 4 parts of USCPA exam in Hawaii last July.
Two days ago, I finally learned that I had passed all 4 parts!

The scores are BEC 83, AUD 85, FAR 92 and REG 89, where 75 is the passing mark.

I am very grateful to those who helped me successfully achieve the goal. I'd like to say the biggest thanks to my mother, who kept encouraging me while I was preparing for the exam.

I studied for the exam during the 7 month period starting December 2009 and ending June 2010. I studied about 1,000 hours during that period. REG was the most difficult part for me.

My main textbook was Wiley. I also used some Japanese textbooks but didn't find them very useful.

Business Environment and Concept(BEC)

Auditing and Attestation(AUD)

Financial Accounting and Reporting(FAR)


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